Johnny, Lameece, and me at Tech Day in London in October 2019

I just celebrated my two-year anniversary at Hopin, having joined the company when it was just a few months old and in beta — pre-revenue, pre-funding, no full-time employees. Today, Hopin is over 800 employees and closed a $450 million Series D funding, having raised $1 billion to date.


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Episode 2: Sarah Downey

Sarah A. Downey is an operating partner at Accomplice VC, an angel investor, and the founder of an upcoming lifestyle app (currently in stealth).

She is also one of my new favorite human beings. …

My journey with Hopin began in December 2018. I interviewed the community builder David Markovich for an article and he insisted he introduce me to a London-based founder called Johnny Bourfarhat. He was working on an online events company — then known as “Hopiin” — with a whole new way…

Hi, there —

We’re getting a lot of demand right now so I wanted to put together a quick all-in-one resource to help new users get started organizing awesome online events on Hopin. This is originally from the Hopin blog but wanted to share here on Medium as well. Cheers.


If you have a brand — any kind of brand at all — you probably publish content.

If you publish content, people probably (hopefully) consume it: subscribers, followers, viewers, or readers. Ideally, they’re your customers.

This swath of people who likes your stuff, supports your brand, buys your products, hires…

Photo: pixonaut/Getty Images

SStarting a business with someone is always an arduous process. There are contracts. There are differences in personal values and backgrounds. There are questions of trust, personality clashes, and sacrifices that have to be made.

But starting a business with someone you’ve never actually shaken hands with changes the game…

Hello there,

Happy Christmas Week. I hope your year is wrapping up nicely.

Here’s thanks for a great 2019 and cheers to a brilliant 2020.

May these stories enchant you as much as they did me.

All the best,

Dave Schools
Editor, Entrepreneur’s Handbook

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