Why we move every 3 months

Nomad life: Is this the new American dream?

Dave Schools


My wife and I and our two fearless cats uproot and transplant to a new city every three months.

We originally took off from DC, my wife is a stoic travel nurse and I’m a starving writer. I knit together six different income streams, but as far as the bulk of the bacon, a travel nurse brings home a considerable amount of weekly cash, forming our financial baseline.

Everything we own fits into a Honda CR-V. Have you seen the documentary, Minimalism? It’s something like that. We take only clothes, kitchenware, sports equipment, instruments, books, and our two four-legged mini-tigers.

As a travel nurse, my wife receives her three-month assignments from an agency. She voices her preferred locations and her agent does his best to find her a contract in those areas. So far, we’ve lived in Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and now San Mateo (Bay Area).

She often doesn’t find out until a week in advance. It’s stressful and last-minute but such is the life we’ve chosen.

The reason I wanted to write this is two-fold: how and why.

For the how part, I’d like to share the eight phases of transitioning to a new area. We have it down to a science. Moving to a new city is hard and lonely but this checklist helps us maintain our mental sanity and save money.

I’ll close with the why. Why we do this is layered; it has its perks and its punches. But in today’s digital and millennial world, I think traveling and nomadic life are redefining the American dream.

How to move every 3 months

If you’re moving to a new place with no friends, no place to live, and with no moving truck, try this money-saving formula. Moving can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be.

1. Take advantage of Facebook Live

It might seem like an odd thing but the in-the-moment video recording on the largest social network in the world is tremendously helpful. By announcing our next spot on Facebook Live, nearly our entire network of friends and family is informed. Facebook Live, as a content type, is prioritized over other regular run-of-the-mill…



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